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This is where you will find information on some of the coolest ways to market on the Internet. This information gets updated frequently, so please check back often. Maybe you should even bookmark this site!

Eighth Worst Spammer Arrested <--click for more

An Arizona man faces serious time in the can for emails that you hopefully sent to the trash.

Michael Persaud, accused of being the world's eighth biggest spammer, now faces decades in federal prison after being arrested for wire fraud.

For complete story, click HERE.

Ask People What They Want <--click for more

Here's a quick thought: Ask people what they want instead of supplying them with your idea of what they want. You might be more successful that way.

Backlink Express <--click for more

Looking for a cheap way to get decent backlinks to your website? Look no further! Check out our updated Backlink Express widget. Simply install it on your websites, and in no time, you'll start receiving backlinks to your page with no work! Check it out now!

Ivory Tower Group Spintax Tool <--click for more

Ivory Tower Group has just created a new tool, and it's absolutely free. It's for generating your own unique articles using spintax. If you have a few documents with embedded spintax, and you want to create unique versions, run it through our spintax tool. It works quickly and will give you the random text you want, without the need for any expensive software.

Check out the Ivory Tower Group Spintax Tool here.

Qualities of Entrepreneurs <--click for more

An entrepreneur does a multitude of wonderful things. As a matter of fact, many people are awestruck with how the entrepreneur's mind works. How does an entrepreneur make it big? And of the most importance, do you have the desire to be a successful entrepreneur, too?

Firstly, an effective entrepreneur should be loaded with great ideas. You need to do the research to see if your business idea is feasible. After gathering all the required information, you can now decide if you will pursue the business idea or simply file it and do it in the future. For example, let.s say you decide to pursue the concept. The next thing that you would have to deal with is generating the required startup money.

The projects undertaken by entrepreneurs are done in a very careful way. Proper research is a very important aspect in determining if a venture is feasible or not. Established and saturated markets are a big no for entrepreneurs because their aim is to make more money. With this kind of situation, the business that they are about to put up is suicidal because of the extreme competition.

Free Viral Traffic <--click for more

Are you trying to get people to visit your website? Have you tried just about everything? Have you spent a lot of money doing it? Well, maybe you should try something for free. There's a website that's been around for quite some time called Free Viral that will give you up to a million visitors in very little time. I've just signed up myself and will be reported on how well it works.

How To Write Articles for the Internet <--click for more

I know what you're thinking. Maybe you have an absolutely amazing idea for an article that will seriously improve someone's life, either by helping them fix a specific problem, or maybe by teaching them how to do something they've always wanted to do. But how do you start? How can you write something that someone will actually find? I mean, the Internet contains a bazillion pages of information, so how are they going to find your article in all of that sea?

Promote Yourself On Google <--click for more

Did you hear the story about the unemployed person who used Google to promote himself to specific advertising directors in order to land a job? When they (or someone they knew) surfed the Internet on the lookout for anything with their name on it (ego surfing) they would invariably land on this person's web site, where there would be a personalized plea, asking for a job. Most of the ad execs replied, and he ended up with several job offers. What did it cost him? Since no one else wanted to use these people's names, the advertising cost was cheap. I believe it was around $6. Nice story, eh? The question is, how do you go about doing the same thing?

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